A Simple Error


It’s currently 9:30 on a Saturday night and I’m unnervingly calm to say I’m flying off to New York tomorrow. Less than a week ago I felt submerged in a sea of worries and what if’s before my flight. I guess you worry a lot less about mistakes when you’ve already made one. I was actually meant to fly the Wednesday earlier this week. Let’s take this a bit back.

I’m currently 19 and I finished my basic education at the very end of 2015. In the year 2016 I travelled. I started off with the most terrifying far fetched direction that felt manageable. I flew off to Hong Kong on my own in the spring of 2016 with nothing but a backpack. I’m not sure what I was trying to achieve but I knew it wasn’t going to be in the standard paths of university and work. I continues past Hong Kong and travelled 12 other countries that year spanning 3 continents becoming the most exciting year of my life. Now I’m not going into to much detail but feel free to read about it yourself. (daily-dose-of-realitea.tumblr.com) That year defined my passion for writing, travel and the substitutions to standard living. Last year was like a trial run of what I want. That’s what has sparked this year’s adventure. A second chance to make it further, work harder, and discover even more.

This year I’ve vowed to myself that I will make something of myself. I will choose a direction and make ground towards what I want to achieve, to begin making my mark. New York is my chosen direction and writing is the ground I want to claim. I know I know, how cliché and fantastical, right? Well I don’t want to hear it. The reason clichés exist is because the are examples of situations so common they apply to everyone. Something that common must be achievable. However I know it won’t be story-book, it won’t be all fulfilling, and in no way do I think it will be the end. There is far to much that I want to achieve for just one goal and one career. This is just the next chapter in my story. Back to the point though, I came up to Johannesburg on Monday and came prepared to fly on Wednesday. I packed my bags, printed my passes and took off with all the confidence of a veteran traveller. I walk with confidence that would make security tremble. As if raised in the airport I take turns without a second thought. All airports follow the same cookie cutter design that allow for easy travel even when in a foreign speaking country. I locate the check in with ease documents in hand and ready to follow the standard protocol of hellos, boarding pass, and bag drop without even a blink. The only thing on my mind as the check in draws closer is how I will handle the job search within the big city.

“I’m sorry sir but this passport is expired.” Says the calm voiced emirates attendant analysing my documents.

All I could hear next was glass shattering in the most comical of ways. I had checked and checked again only to fall victim to the most rookie error of all. No matter how much experience, confidence, or knowledge you have this is bound to happen eventually. This now brings us to the Saturday night I now currently experience. I fly tomorrow and that has sunk in but after the first error the worry and unknown is dulled. I’m just repeating what I’ve already attempted. If anything goes wrong I’ll handle it then. For now all I can do is wait, wonder and write.


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