The Depths of Literary Expression

tumblr_lz2w07g1rs1qz8q0ho1_r1_1280Alright so let’s catch everybody up to speed. I’ve been in New York City for nearly a month now. I now have a job in a bakery in Manhattan and I’m about a week away from having my own place. Just about every essential I need is covered so that leaves me quite free now. Once I have my own place I’ll have income and accommodation sorted. After that everything is additional. Thus it leaves me in a space where I’m not really sure what to do with my free time. Having a job as a retailer in a bakery leaves me with an inconsistent schedule that varies week to week so I find it hard to make plans. I must take each week as they come and make the most with what I can. The free time I currently have I spend trying to be productive. I got some honest advice not long ago that I shouldn’t live a passive life but rather a mindful one. One that allows me to experience each moment separate from everything else and truly be aware of the world around me. I’ve taken that advice to my being and implemented it everywhere. I know choose to spend my time focused on reading, writing, cooking, music or just learning about whatever interests me. However I still don’t feel it’s enough. I want to learn from others that can teach me things that I don’t even have knowledge of. I aim to join several writing workshops and courses to further my writing. At the moment I’m nothing more than a kid typing away his thoughts aimlessly but I hope with some guidance, experience and knowledge I can turn my writing from just blogging into art that can achieve, inspire or just cause people to think. For me speech and writing is the most important thing this world can offer. Just it’s ability to connect everything and create anything is beyond amazing. This is why I want to pursue it. Now I don’t know where this road will lead me as I have no understanding what I want to stand for. I’m still discovering my writing voice and finding what I value. However I am aware that writing is what gives me satisfaction and a sense of achievement. I feel relieved after I write something. Like a burden has been released and shared amongst others. Often I can be reserved with others. Even those that know me better than I know myself don’t know everything. My inner most thoughts get shared with no one but I can write about them. They are expressed so well through literature that often I don’t know how I feel until after I write about it. Writing organizes my thoughts and mind and expresses it better than I ever could verbally. I always considered myself a strong communicator but it’s only now after writing I realise how limited I was. There is so much I wasn’t able to express or felt I couldn’t that literature isn’t bound by. My writing I feel has no limits and I’m busy wandering its depths seeing how far they go. People often ask what kind of writing I do and I can really offer an answer as I don’t really know. I don’t want to limit myself with an answer. Truthfully I feel that I can write about anything as long as I write from my perspective and experiences. But outside of that, well I don’t have knowledge of it so I can’t write about it. After all they say write about what you know.

I’ve started a novel. It is inspired my travels and philosophical growth within the last year. I don’t feel like the same person I was a year ago. I’ve grown so much I feel. My comfort zone is phenomenally larger and my friend group tremendously larger. My social skills are more confident than ever and so am I. I don’t want the same things anymore and have direction. Travel and writing have forever changed me and I feel for the better. They are the reason I have the ideals I do. They’ve given me values and concepts that were before foreign. That is the reason my general answer to my writing topic is philosophical travel. I don’t write about travel. For me, my writing is an outlet of my mental growth due to travel. I write about my philosophies regarding travel. The way I view the world, people, culture, language and thus how those factors influence me. This is what inspires me to write.


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