Cultural Societal Balance

Winter begins to draw to a close and with it the icy shoulder of the city does as well. I can feel myself thawing. The warmth of the sun graces my skin and soul and everything seems bright once more. I’m positive and radiant, busy and calm, and just overall balanced. I’m eating healthier surrounded with a reliable group of friends and making plans for the future. Making financial progress and partaking in the rat race. I’ve received two promotions within the span of a month and I’m now on my way to securing a position as a manager. Now this is not a large position to most but for me it will be the highest I’ve ever climbed in the career paths of any workplace. This is a big step for me and has enlightened me to the world of rewards for work. Up until now I always felt my work went unrewarded but I know realize that was due to a lack of commitment. Unlike my brother who thrives long term and is the most dedicated person I’ve ever known, I scare easy and lose hope fast. I considered myself a near lost cause but this rough city has given me backbone and I now see anything with in reach given the opportunity or not. However I do need to be more rigid in my goals for while my work has made fair process it was at the cost of my writing. I want to stay dedicated to my main reason for being here. I want to be a writer and that still stands true. I want to inspire other and enlighten them to a world that may be unbeknownst to them. I want to teach and learn and experience everything I can and offer the same to everyone else. I want people to understand each other not just because they should but rather because they’re driven to understand. I want social statuses and rankings to mean as little as borders and nationalities should. As I travel I learn so much of culture, language, environments, ideals, responsibilities and the people identifying with these lifestyles. I have taken much from my travels and also disagreed with a fair amount but overall I’m left with a single emotion resulting from a flurry of every other one. I feel human. I feel real, small and no better. I feel equal and content. I feel large and part of something amazing. These ranges are what brings happiness I think. Life is about balance. That includes every aspect ranging from diet to emotions to self image. The world has to much to offer for there to still be people without passports and no desire to understand their neighbouring cultures. I am driven by these alternate realities people live where family comes first, money means nothing, food is healing, neighbours are family, animals are equal beings, and life is all we have in the end. These alternate thought processes that come so easy to other societies that seem so foreign to our own are part of the balance the world needs. To not reject each others thoughts and beliefs and not belittle anyone for them. This is what I want. I want to start with my home, South Africa. I want to reimage its international understanding to be more honest and less negative. It is to this day one of the best countries I’ve ever experienced in its ranges and understandings of each other and culture. It has a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding but at the same time some of the most accepting and knowledgeable people I’ve ever known. Culture is both a hindrance to democracy and a fuel of happiness. To live with it or to live without it is never that simple. Once more it just falls to a balance. Much like Japan or France where they are culturally rich on the individual level but on a country scale their beliefs cannot influence decisions. That is what balance is. Every need of a species, country, group and people must be cared to but not any above the others. This may seem overly ambitious and naïve as that’s what I am. I am still learning and this is just me ranting about things I don’t fully understand yet but this is what fuels me.


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