Welcome to the about. Don’t really expect many visitors here that don’t already know what will be said here but let’s pretend we’re strangers.
Hello! My name is Jeremy. I speak like an American, originate from South Africa, and have passports from both those countries along with England. You’re probably a bit confused but don’t worry, so am I! Due to a life very influenced by travel and relocation I have no choice but to summarise my life by a list of locations when asked the very simple question “So where are you from?”. Being born in South Africa, raised in America and of English heritage I don’t consider myself of one nationality and ‘A child of the world’ is far to cliché and pretentious for me.
Now as to the reason for this blog. I wanted a place for me to share my thoughts, experiences, memories, and really any other literary product my mind may muster. This blog will consist of all things me. Ranging from short stories of both fiction and non, experiences of past and present, and just in general my perspective on life. Don’t expect consistency and don’t feel obliged to stay up to date. Feel free to come as you please like what you do and ignore what you don’t. I’ll attempt to categorize things to allow for this easiest passage to the things that do interest you whether they be memories, adventures, short stories, or whatever else may result. Also please, please, please leave advice, tips, comment and any criticism that you have. I quite ideally want to create a career oriented around writing in any fashion I can so improvement is a must. So that’s the just for the about. Other than that just enjoy.